Hiya happy planners!

This new feature allows you to build a team of people with different skill sets and a team leader!

How to set up your teams?

  1. Go to the Teams section:
    It is the second item in the dropdown menu at the top right corner of Traffika’s user interface.
    Team sectionThis is how the Team section should look if you don’t have any teams set.
    Teams section
  2. Create a New Team + select a Team Leader:
    By clicking the ‘Add team’ button you’ll summon the pop-up window with two inputs – Name and Leader selection.

    Create new team

  3. Go to the People section and add people to your teams:
    Once you’ve created your teams head to the People section and add team members in the ‘Edit User’ modal windowAdding people to team
  4. How to work with teams?
    You can easily filter people by their team name in the People section
    People section filtered by team

    or also in the Planner
    Planner section filtered by team

Team leaders can approve their team members timesheets – more about that in the Timesheets approvals article.

We do hope you’ll enjoy using teams and we’ll be glad to hear any feedback.

Happy planning,



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