Howdy happy planners,

we are currently working on improving Projects related features and the first one ready is the one you’ve longed for some time now – the rate cards 🙂

How to start using Ratecards?

  1. Go to the ratecards section

    Please note this settings option is available only for admin user roles.

  2. Create a new ratecard

    For example “EU_customers_2017” and set hourly rates to all positions you have in Traffika and save it.

    New rate card

  3. Now you can use your new ratecard

    Go to Clients/Projects section in top navbar, choose edit an existing project and go to the budget tab.

    Project budget tab

  4. Try edit or add a new budget

    Set the amount of money, date range and select the right ratecard.

    Use a ratecard and set the hourly rates to all your positions
    *please note this option is available also to project manager and financial manager roles

  5. And two cherries on the top

    Discounts – for all of you who work with charities and non profitable organisations. You can set a discount on each project/budget.
    Export of created cost estimate to very nice .pdf which you can send out to your client along with the offer.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you’ll enjoy this feature!

Happy planning,

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