Hi, I’m Iva and let me tell you story of Traffika!


At one of my previous positions, we were 1000% sure we were growing fast, making money and everything was moving in the right direction. We had a lot of running projects and new business kept rolling in, so what could possibly go wrong, right?

In fact, we were very far from what we thought we were and the situation was dire.

Our resources were skipping/jumping from one project to another just to extinguish starting fires. They were overloaded with information – because they were it’s only carriers. The collapse of the whole system was inevitable.

When our financial bubble had burst and we had discovered we were losing money instead of earning money, our CEO had to step up to make a change. We had to change the way we worked and begin to draft the first steps of change:

1st step – Research.
We researched the tools already available online to find the right solution. We had gauged to finish this step in 10 days…but it took us 2 months!…That’s a story for another article.

2nd step – Find a traffic manager.
Here’s when I came in to handle the resource management.

3rd step – Declutter current state of business.
Before I could start any planning I had to map out who was working on what, for how long and finally, what were the upcoming projects and their resource needs. Sounds simple enough right?

Well, when I take a look at me 2 years back – I had absolutely no clue what I needed to do, but solving puzzles was always a hobby of mine and I kind of enjoyed sorting this out 😃

This process took 2 months! Every mind has its own opinion and memory so finding out the real reality isn’t as simple as it might seem.

4th step – Let the planning games begin!
Once I had started to connect the dots a beautiful map materialized in my mind and I was ready to start the proper planning. At this point Traffika had a fully functioning Planner feature that kept all the info updated and online.

This took about a month- all plans change very suddenly and if you don’t know where you’re at at the beginning you have no way of knowing where it will leave you afterwards – which is a huge challenge for anyone!

5th step – Let’s take a look into the future.
The moment we got a grip on our current situation we needed to see into future.  What projects are down the pipeline? What resources will be needed? And so Job Requests feature was born.

Tadááá – The pilot phase of Traffika was completed, shared and tested with about 70 agencies to gather invaluable feedback!

Where did the journey took me next? Well…that is another story for another time.

Stay tuned and happy planning,



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