Managing and planning resources on a daily basis tends to be messy so here are 3 basic rules that (when followed) will save the day!

Plan with a buffer

  • Project managers have their cost and time estimates and always will be pushing the deadline – you just need to have some spare hours left aside in case somethings goes sideways 😃
  • Ideally keep your Utilisation around 84% – Traffika gives you utilisation first hand and always updated

Have a pipeline of projects

  • New biz people are doing really important job at acquiring new clients or projects and you never know when the deals will be won. Hence you need to keep track off all the upcoming requirements
  • Job Requests are the perfect way to keep the future tamed

Choose the right people for the jobs

  • Once the plans go bonkers you need to act fast and reach out to the right people to save the day 😃 You need to know who already worked on the project and what skills were necessary to carry out the assignment – this way you won’t waste precious time on briefing a new person
  • You get several views on the history of people allocations in Traffika even with their efficiency, which makes it super easy to find the right person
Try it all out in your free trial of Traffika
Do you have some of your own tricks feel free to share it with us!
Happy planning,
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